About Us

Welcome to our family owned boutique agency located in the city centre of Canberra.  We have been located in Canberra city for over 30 years and in our current location since 2000.

Our mission is to design your holiday, in consultation with you and taking in all of your requirements.  It is our aim to under promise, but to over deliver and to exceed your expectations with our level of service, our knowledge, and our commitment to exceptional customer service.  You can travel under a blanket of security knowing that we are always here for you.

Our team have travelled extensively to every continent on the planet (yes, including Antarctica) and collectively we have over 100 years of experience travelling to major cities, remote rural towns and villages.

We are a member of CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) which confirms our extensive knowledge of all facets of cruising.  From ocean liners, to European River cruises, to luxury small ships, our shipping knowledge is second to none.  We will provide you with the information for us to help you make an informed decision about which cruise line will be right for you.  We will tell you when and why it’s important to be on a certain side of a ship, why it’s important to be in a particular position on a deck and what are the advantages and disadvantage of having a balcony cabin.

We have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of airlines, airfares, seating choices etc, and can offer you tips, strategies and secrets to get the most value from your airfare expenditure.

Having travelled to so many destinations across the world, we can tell you about little hotels hidden away that you man never have dreamed of.

The internet is a great place to source basic information, but it’s only as good as what it’s been programmed to tell you.  It doesn’t know all the secrets to a fantastic holiday.

Travel is all about experiencing new and unusual things and we can recommend unique travel experiences you may not have considered.

We look forward to welcoming you to Travel Designers and designing the perfect holiday with your dreams in mind.  Let our experience help your experience.